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Welcome to Willowbend Med Spa

Willowbend Med Spa is led by board-certified OB/GYN Dr. Deanah A. Jibril, who has provided obstetric and gynecological care for women and their families for many years. Today, she has combined her practice to offer services to both men and women for wellness, weight management, aesthetic treatments, and hormone replacement therapies all in one facility. We warmly welcome you and look forward to providing you with amazing patient care.

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Willowbend Med Spa is so much more than aesthetic services! Men and women in the Plano, TX area have trusted this practice for almost three decades with wellness services, nonsurgical aesthetic treatments, hormone replacement therapies, weight loss management, and much more.

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Willowbend Med Spa is dedicated to your personalized experience in our serene Plano, TX facility. Providing anti-aging, wellness, and healthcare services to women and men in the Dallas and Fort Worth, TX area, our medical team at Willowbend Med Spa hopes your goals and expectations are met or exceeded. Our office offers nonsurgical aesthetic services, weight loss management, and many other wellness therapies. We encourage all patients to consult with our medical director and board-certified OB/GYN, Dr. Deanah Jibril, for the vast medical knowledge she has shared with this community for more than 20+ years and counting.


Dr. Deanah A. Jibril

Dr. Deanah Jibril is a board-certified OB/GYN who also specializes in aesthetics, wellness, and weight loss services for men and women in Plano, TX. She is our dedicated medical director of Willowbend Med Spa.

Meet Dr. Jibril


"Shes very friendly, so I would recomend her for all age groups. Especially for the younger girls who are having their first examinations since it can be a very akward situation if they've never been through it before. She talks youthrough what shes doing and lets you know if everything looks okay, which I found very reasuring."



"Dr jibril delivered my 3 babies. She took care of me during pregnancy: knowing that I had gestational diabetes, during and after delivery.She's a very good doctor that I recommend strongly."



"So good at what she does and makes each patient feel like her only patient"



"Saved My Sons life! - By far one of the best Doctors I've had the pleasure to meet. I became pregnant with my son who is now 9 years old in 2008. After several visits and regular blood work / test it seemed as if I was having a normal pregnancy. By the time I reached 19 weeks I started to experience pre-term labor symptoms in which I had to be on bed rest. I was later admitted to the hospital in which I stayed from 19-32 weeks. Dr. Jibril was very attentive, straight forward and pro active. I was then supplied with a team of amazing doctors and nurses who made sure everything was going smoothly. Unfortunately I was there for the holidays and really didn't get a lot of visitors, Dr. jibril came to visit me every chance she had and even got me some cute pajamas for Christmas during my stay. even after beating the odds and delivering a healthy baby boy she remained in contact with my family. I'm thankful for everything her and her team did to bring my beautiful son into this world. Once me and my fiancé are ready for another one, I most definitely will be coming to dr. Jibril."



"Update: After having an emergency c-section I suffered a very rare condition called an amniotic fluid embolism. It has a huge mortality rate. Dr. Jibril acted quickly and after a very long 4 hours while I stayed awake was able to save my life. I owe everything to her for keeping me with my husband and son. I've been a patient for many years as has my family. I became pregnant and currently due in October. I was looking for a OB and it can be stressful, but when Dr. Jibril as well as the staff came in excited for me, it solidified why I am here. Yes you may wait for some time, but you need to realize she is delivering babies, you put yourself in that moms position as well as the doctors. Being pregnant, I know now that I will be that mom that she is running late because of and I appreciate the wait a lot more. If you can look past all the bad reviews, I promise you will enjoy it here and you are in good hands."




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