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Thousands of Kegels, squats, and pelvic tilt exercises may not be enough to give you the results you want to have for tighter vaginal lips and tissues. Once the skin and muscles are stretched out, surgery may be the only intervention that can rejuvenate your delicate feminine areas. You may have already found this out for yourself by trying exercises and home remedies that just give mediocre outcomes. Dr. Deanah Jibril, a board-certified OB/GYN at Willowbend Med Spa, offers vaginal rejuvenation surgery for women to tighten the muscles in the vaginal walls and excise tissues that are elongated, asymmetrical, or disfigured from giving birth vaginally, genetics, aging, or trauma. A labiaplasty is a surgery that reduces the size of the labia to reshape the outside appearance. This could also minimize discomfort and irritation. A vaginoplasty goes a step farther with the tightening of the stretched-out muscles in the vaginal walls. Schedule a consultation at the Willowbend Med Spa in Plano, TX to find out more about the advantages of vaginal rejuvenation and if you are a candidate.


Candidates for vaginal rejuvenation at Willowbend Med Spa are women who are concerned about the shape or size of their vagina lips, which can be abnormal due to genetics, childbirth, aging, or trauma to the skin. Elongated or asymmetric vaginal lips may cause pain, discomfort, itching, or irritation during physical activities like exercise and sexual intercourse. A labiaplasty may also help if you don’t wear tight clothes (such as leggings, swimsuits, or tight pants) because of the size of your vaginal lips or to avoid a slip out of a bathing suit. While a vaginal rejuvenation surgery would not affect pregnancy, Dr. Jibril advises waiting until you are done having children to avoid changing your surgical tightening results.


Dr. Jibril will conduct your vaginoplasty or labiaplasty procedures off-site in a medical center or hospital that she has medical privileges to have surgery. Depending on what you are having done, you may require a general anesthetic, which means you will need a responsible person to pick you up after your surgery. Once you are numb or under the general anesthetic, she will begin your procedure.

Vaginoplasty is performed by excising the loose tissue in the vaginal walls and a “wedge” of skin that is a shape that looks like a slice of pie. Once open, she will tighten the muscles that have been stretched in your vagina. Then, she will suture it tightly closed. In a labiaplasty, Dr. Jibril will trim the excess tissue and suture the remaining skin back together.


You should take about a week to recover after your labiaplasty to allow swelling and discomfort to decrease before returning to work. Dr. Jibril recommends applying ice packs or cold compresses to the area as needed to minimize swelling. You should not use tampons or have sexual activity for 4 – 6 weeks after your procedure. Patients generally notice visible improvements in about six weeks with final results about six months after surgery. The results of a labiaplasty are usually long lasting, but childbirth, weight fluctuations, and aging will alter results.


The appearance of your vaginal area is as unique as you. There are so many variables that can play into the outer labia’s size and shape. If you do not feel confident and content with this delicate, feminine area, we ask that you consider vaginal rejuvenation at Willowbend Med Spa. You can talk to us candidly about your aesthetic goals and concerns about labiaplasty or vaginoplasty in a private consultation in our Plano, TX office. Contact us today.

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